Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Questions Answered

Hello one and all!

I thought I would do an update post today since I went to the doctor on Monday. I asked a million and a half questions while there (my doctor probably thinks I'm nuts). I felt that this was the first doctor's appointment that went well. Also, plus side, I didn't cry after it (which I have done after every other one)! While there, they took blood to check my hcg and discussed the upcoming months with me. Here is a run down of my hcg levels thus far: 

November 28: 111,000 
November 29 (day of D&C): 145,000
December 4: 4,657
December 11: 756
December 18: 140 
(I skipped 2 weeks for the holidays, ok'd by my doctor) 
January 5: 10!! (I am so close to negative!!) 

Here are the answers to all of the questions that I asked my doctor and her responses: 

1. What do you consider negative? "Anything under 5" (thank goodness, some doctors say anything under 2). 

2. How many molar pregnancies will you see this year? "Well, we will see about 1 molar pregnancy in every 1,000 pregnancies. So this year we will probably see around 3. You are the only mole that I'm following right now, though."

3. How many molar pregnancies have you seen throughout your career? (Note: she did not give me a specific number.) "I have seen an average of 3 per year from my residency until now." 

4. Is my wait to try to conceive again still 1 year? "If you are negative soon, then I want you to wait at least 6 months." (Praise the lord up above!) 

5. I have heard that Prenatal vitamins with folic acid help HCG levels to grow, are there any multi-vitamins that do not have any folic acid in them? "Yes, I believe they have some at Whole Foods or Sprouts, but you may need to take them more often than once a day." 

6. When can I start taking my Prenatal Vitamins again? "I am perfectly ok with you starting to take them after you reach negative."

7. I get migraines when taking birth control and I am not comfortable with going back on it, is there something else that we can do to prevent pregnancy while we have our wait time? "I would really like for you to be on birth control until you at least reach negative. Then we can discuss other preventative measures." 

8. Is there any chance that not eating enough Vitamin A caused my Molar Pregnancy? "There's not any research that says that could cause it. I still think this was a fluke and there was nothing you could do to prevent it." 

9. Do you think this will happen again? "No, I honestly don't think so." 

Alright, that's all I have for you today! Sorry for the long post! 

Until next time! 

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