Thursday, September 7, 2017

Starting Over

As most of you know {if you follow along on my Instagram}, we recently relocated to a new state. This was a long, hard, terrifying, happy, stressful decision that we had to make, but ultimately we think it's what was best for us and our little family.

This decision affected many things in our lives. We both had to leave our jobs {which we loved} and our home that we created, the one in which we brought Lennon home too. Flashback 4.5 years and I didn't even want to buy a house because that meant that we were more permanent there. Now, I didn't even want to leave it. There were so many emotions that came with all of this. You name the emotion, we probably felt it. We had to spend 2 months apart from each other. The Mr. started his new job and I had to finish my old one.

I decided to write this post because I'm closing in on the end of summer and having to start my new position and I have a lot of anxiety about that.

To start, my previous job was the best. I got soooo incredibly lucky when I was offered my position the day I graduated. I started a couple weeks later and instantly felt like I was "home". Not only were my co-workers amazing, but they grew to be an extended "family". You can ask any one of them and that's what they will say. We were, are, family. We had each other's backs throughout each day and worked together as a well oiled machine. Yes, my job had it's ups and downs {hello super high SPED caseload}, but the people made it all worthwhile. I hope they all know how much I appreciate them and miss them so dearly.

All of that being said, you can see why it was such a tough decision to leave.

When looking for a new job, I went into each interview with a mindset of finding the same kind of environment, boss, and people as my old school. I got 3 job offers and had to choose. I knew from the first minute of my interview with the school that I chose that it was it. Thankfully, they offered me the position.

As my start date approaches, I have increasing anxiety, which I'm sure goes along with any new job. However, I have anxiety about liking my co-workers as much as my "family" at my old school. I have anxiety about liking my boss as much as my boss and "friend" at my old school. I have anxiety about comparing everything to my old school.

I hope this subsides and that I learn to love my new school. I have a fear of the unknown and I like to be in control. Both of which are happening right now. I'll update as this new school year unfolds. Crossing my fingers for great new beginnings!

Update: Sooo I wrote this post several weeks ago before I started my new job. Then.. life got in the way and I never got around to posting it. I'm happy to update that I am 3 weeks into work and so far so good. It's definitely not my old school, but it definitely has some similarities and for that I am very thankful. Everyone has welcomed me in with open arms and I'm starting to finally find my rhythm.

Until next time!