Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lennon {3 Months}

Soooo, Lennon is technically going to be 4 months of Friday {oops}. I realized that I never posted her 3 month update, so figured I should probably post that before I post her 4 month update. This is going to be a short, quick post, but I hope you all enjoy her little smile. It sure brightens my day!

Height: 23.5 inches {I wrote it wrong in the picture}
Weight: Around 12 lbs. We don't have a very accurate scale that tells us ounces. 

Eating: She is still only eating breastmilk and due to being on vacation I had to stop pumping, so she is exclusively on the boob. 

Sleep: We put her to bed around 8:30 and have our bedtime routine down pat. We either take a bath {only twice a week} or just go straight to lotion and PJ's. Then we read two books, eat, and sleep. She is a sleeping champ. Right now she's sleep from 8:30-4ish and sometimes until 5, then sleeping until 8ish. 

Milestones: Lennon has started to giggle and let me tell you, it melts my heart every single time. She went for her first airplane ride and she was such a good girl! She's in swimming lessons and seems to love it. She does not like to lay down, instead wants to stand all the time. When we were in Wisconsin, she met a bunch of her friends!

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Ziggy, kicking, standing, giggling, talking, finding her voice, smiling, tummy time {for a little while},  going on adventures in Wisconsin, cooler weather {in WI} so we can be outside, hanging out with her Great-Grandpa and the rest of Mommy's family. 

Dislikes: She still doesn't dislike much, except for laying down when she's awake. 

Personality: Lennon is so mellow and smiley all the time. She hardly ever cries. She loves to smile when you smile at her and is giggling up a storm. 

Nicknames: Lenni Bear, Pretty girl, Pretty Princess

Until next time!

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