Monday, March 21, 2016

Mommy Monday {31 weeks}

Mommy Monday has arrived! And I am one week closer to 8 months. We are in the 4th quarter at school and approaching yearly state testing. This last quarter is going to be a stressful one and I just hope the stress doesn't throw me into early labor! I'm going to try and stay calm and relax when I'm at home. Here's hoping everything works out well the rest of the school year! Crossing my fingers! 9 weeks left of school and this pregnancy! I can do it!

How far along? 31 weeks!
Total weight gain: I have not actually gained anything in the last couple weeks (contrary to my last post). I'm still at 21 lbs up from pre-pregnancy weight. I'm feeling a lot more confident that I can keep it under 30!
Maternity clothes: I am living in dresses {especially being back in AZ}. The whole pants thing is really just too restricting. Maxi dresses are 100% more comfortable.  
Stretch marks: I'm back to using my Honest Co. Organic Belly Balm and loving it just the same! I'm going to have to go out and buy some more as I am almost out! 
Workouts: {I thought I would add this category this week to give my post a little variety}. For the whole of my pregnancy, I have continued to practice Yoga at my regular gym. I've had to modify my workout some, but can still do most of the poses. I have also added prenatal yoga to the mix and I absolutely love it! It has helped with my breathing techniques for when I do go into labor. I'm feeling more and more confident that I can go all natural when the time comes {yes, I do plan on not getting an epidural and yes, I do believe I can do it. Mind over matter.}
Sleep: I have started to get pretty restless at night. I wake up to use the restroom several times and just can't get back to sleep. This makes for some really long days! I'm still using my Boppy Pregnancy Wedge and it is definitely helping my back. 
Best moment this week: Having this coming Friday off! Woohoo for 3 day weekends!
Miss anything? My energy levels have definitely declined in the last week or so. Hoping this is just because I'm not getting the best sleep right now. 
Movement: The movement has increased! She is one active little girl these days! 
Food cravings: Anything sweet at this point. I have to follow any meal with a sweet treat {even if it's just fruit}. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing!
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: No and let's keep it that way!  
Belly button in or out? I still have a pretty deep inny. I'm now doubting whether or not it will pop out. My mom seems pretty confident that it will. I guess only time will tell!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: I've been pretty happy, but had a spell last Thursday where I cried over anything and everything. 
Looking forward to: Three day weekend!

Until next time! 

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