Monday, December 21, 2015

Rainbow Baby

I've been waiting to write this post for awhile. I just wasn't sure how to put it into words and was far too emotional to even write about it.

Back in August the Mr. and I went to San Diego for a weekend getaway. As we were driving back, we encountered several Rainbows. I knew pretty much right then that we had conceived. Or I at least had a strong feeling that this was our time. There are Rainbows after every storm. This baby is our Rainbow after the Molar Pregnancy.

On our way back from San Diego. 

Since that weekend, I have seen quite a few Rainbows. I feel like every time I'm doubting things with my pregnancy, there is a Rainbow, plain as day, in the sky as a sign that all is well. I didn't really believe in signs before this, but it's hard not to believe now when I see them soo often. It puts my fears to rest, if only temporarily. 

On our way back from camping. 

On my way back from one of my first Doctor's appointments. 

At school while I was working. 

At school another day. 

Leaving Target {because I'm always leaving Target}

Driving to dinner with the Mr. 

I thank God every day for this Rainbow baby.

Until next time!

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