Monday, December 14, 2015

Mommy Monday {17 Weeks - Can you guess the sex?}

I thought that for this Mommy Monday post I would switch it up a bit. I'm going to post all of the Gender Wives Tales to see if any of them are true! We won't be finding out the sex of wee little one until after Christmas, so that gives you all plenty of time to cast your votes! Comment on this post and we will see who guesses right!

Carrying High or Low? I think that I am carrying high {although I haven't quite "popped" yet}, so Girl.

Skin Blemishes or clear skin? I had some mild acne happening in the first trimester, but nothing as of late. Boy. 

Soft or Dry skin? My hands are like alligator skin. I am soo dry! I don't know if this is because it's winter, but either way this was is Boy.

Baby's Heartbeat: 140+ or below 140? Baby's heartbeat has been around 150 each time we have heard it. This one says Girl. 

Sweets or Salty and sour? From the get go I have been craving anything sweet. Pineapple, apples, strawberries, hot chocolate. You name it, I want it. Girl. 

Chinese Gender Predictor says Boy. 

The Mayans say Boy. 

Ring test: Swings back and forth or in circles? This one was a little inconclusive. It started swinging in circles, but would end going back and forth. I say Girl. 

Sick as a dog or no morning sickness? I was quite nauseous throughout the first trimester {only threw up once though}, so Girl. 

Is Hubby indulging in my cravings or staying the same? I would say that he is staying the same. Boy.

Hair: Dull and Limp or Thick and Glossy? My hair has been very dull and quite dry {again, not sure if it's because of Winter}.  AND my hair is ALWAYS thick, but it is most certainly not glossy. I'll go with Girl for this one. 

Body hair: staying the same or growing thick and fast? Mine has pretty much stayed the same. Girl. 

Which is bigger: Left or Right boob? Left. Girl. 

And the last one! Baking soda test. When mixed equal parts urine and baking soda, does it have no reaction at all or fizzle like soda? When I did this test, it did not fizzle whatsoever. Girl. 

Well it looks like we have 9 for Girl and 5 for Boy. I hope you have fun making your guesses! Stay tuned to see if you are right!

Until next time!

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