Sunday, January 28, 2018

Gender Reveal

Here's the post that I've been promising for the last two weeks! With Lennon, my cousin wanted so badly to do a Gender Reveal Party, but I was pretty against it. The Mr. and I went together to get an ultrasound to find out gender at 16 weeks. It was special that we found out together.

This time around, I decided "Why not?". This is likely our last chance to go the Gender Reveal route so we just went for it. I had genetic testing done around 10 weeks and got the results back 1 week later. Thankfully, all is healthy with baby, which is really all that matters. I made sure to tell my Dr. that I wanted the gender written down in an envelope. She did just that and I immediately delivered the envelope to my cousin. If I didn't give it to her right away, there would be a high probability that I would peek! I just cannot do secrets.

Fast Forward a couple days and we all gathered for dinner. We ate cupcakes before ordering our meal and I was perfectly ok with it! I just couldn't wait to find out any longer! My cousin did a great job and I'm so glad we did it this way this time around!

Until next time!

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