Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's a...


Ziggy can't contain his excitement and is so happy to FINALLY be able to say that he will have a little sister in May! Bring on the Pink!

And just as a fun review, I'd like to go back to my Old Wives Tales post and see how many were correct! 

Carrying High or Low? Right! Girl!

Skin Blemishes or clear skin? Wrong. Boy. 

Soft or Dry skin? Wrong. Boy.

Baby's Heartbeat: 140+ or below 140?  Right! Girl! 

Sweets or Salty and sour? Definitely Right! Girl!

Chinese Gender Predictor: Wrong. Boy. 

The Mayans: Wrong. Boy. 

Ring test: Swings back and forth or in circles? Right! Girl!

Sick as a dog or no morning sickness? Right! Girl! 

Is Hubby indulging in my cravings or staying the same? Wrong. Boy.

Hair: Dull and Limp or Thick and Glossy? Right! Girl!

Body hair: staying the same or growing thick and fast? Right! Girl!

Which is bigger: Left or Right boob? Right! Girl! 

And the last one! Baking soda test. When mixed equal parts urine and baking soda, does it have no reaction at all or fizzle like soda? Right! Girl! 

9 {or 65%} of these fun games were correct! I'd say that's a good percentage! 

Until Next Time! 

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