Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday: Wisconsin Edition

*I am sorry, in advance, about the picture overload. I LOVE pictures and I have no shame.

Well, It seems like I have been M.I.A. for quite awhile now. But for good reason. I've been a traveling maniac. One weekend I was in Vegas for one of my friend's Bachelorette Parties. I won't be posting about that because WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS {obviously}. Then, Ziggy and I, traveled to Wisconsin. Ziggy just happens to be my little traveling companion. He is the best dog that there ever was.

As you can see, I am going to try to start blogging more regularly. I am going to start a Five on Friday weekly post and hopefully I can keep up with it. My first Five on Friday is centered around my trip to Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin. I cannot say that enough. So here you go:

1. Madison. I love Madison. Just walking up and down State Street on a gorgeous day is soothing for my soul. The Capital building is exquisite inside and out. The Memorial Union is a good time, especially sitting on the Terrace with a nice cold glass of beer.
The Wisconsin state capital building. 
State Street at it's finest.
These ducks were standing on one leg while sleeping. ONE LEG. I was amazed that they didn't fall over. 

2. Ziggy's BURFDAY {and St. Patrick's Day}: March 17 is our little Ziggy's birthday. He turned 7 this year {where has the time gone???}! I am not Irish, however the Mr. is. So, I had to wear green. To support him, of course. And why not get in the holiday spirit, right? My cousin and I took a trip to see our Grandpa. He's the funniest grandpa ever. Love him to pieces. 

Happy Burfday Ziggy Puff!
Ziggy and his birthday present. Of course I had to get him a present because he's spoiled rotten.  

3. Chicago: I know Chi-town is not in Wisconsin, but I still love it. My mom and I decided {kind of last minute} to take a day trip to my favorite city. We didn't really have any plans, so we played the whole day by ear. {Side note: where in the world did the saying "play it by ear" come from? It really doesn't make any sense.} We made stops at Navy Pier, Chinatown, RPM Italian {for dinner}, and Michigan Avenue {to see the River}. 

View of the city from Navy Pier.  
Chinatown, because why not? 
La Rossa Birra at RPM. 
Delicious dinner. MMMM. I LOVE PASTA. It is my weakness. 
City lights. 
My mama and I. 
Night time in the city. 
4.  Wedding Mania and lunch with Grandpa: My cousin's wedding is swiftly approaching, so we had a lot of stuff to accomplish while I was home. Let. Me. Tell. You. It was exhausting. We made all of the invitations ourselves. We are making the programs ourselves. We also made the bridal shower invitations ourselves. I guess you could say we are crafty.

Finishing RSVPS. 
I look like a goober here, but I was so focused on finishing those programs!
Three girls hard at work!
Lunch with Grandpa. 

5. Engagement Pictures: While home, I had the honor of shooting some engagement pictures for one of my friends. I am so pleased with how they turned out. Check them out here: Nikki and Carly: Engaged

Here's one of my favorites:

Well that's all I have for today! Until next time!

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